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Reflecting on 30 Days Worth of Journal Entries

The recommendation to keep a personal journal is becoming fairly common in the self-help, personal development, and related communities. The beauty of this practice, as I've come to learn, is that it prompts one to focus and reflect on a particular segment of time. In today's fast-paced world, days, weeks, months, and even years can pass by so quickly that we might miss and/or forget some of those precious memories and moments that we created and wish to keep with us.

Finding Your Own Light

“What happens when you die?”

My friend Rob (a devout Christian) would constantly ask me this and a myriad other challenging questions about the afterlife and God in order to test my atheistic faith. I admired his tenacity, but I was somewhat of a child prodigy in mathematics and science growing up, so I could always logic my way into an irrefutable solution to keep him and the mild discomfort I felt from his questioning at bay.

Here were my goto replies:

Advice That Stuck: Professional Development

Advice That Stuck: Professional Development

Over the month of January, I had the distinct privilege of having a one on one meeting with every member of the team to discuss their professional goals for 2014. My stated intention was to simply act as a sounding board and use the Socratic method to help each individual evaluate each goal more closely.

A Bucket List Item Birthday Present

When I was 15 years old, my best friend and I set a goal to go sky diving at a local establishment between my hometown and Albany, NY. The only problem was, we were both underage (I recall 18 being the cutoff age) and we didn’t have the money (tandem jumps cost $200 and solo jumps cost $300+). So we postponed the goal until were a little older and a little richer.

My 3 Words for 2013

Courage, communication, and trust: I picked these words in 2012 because I wanted to “level up” in life, and each of these words represented a key component of my plan to make that happen. Courage was necessary to make the big, bold decisions. Communication was necessary to get the most impact out of my interactions with everyone. Trust was important because my gut instincts were usually right and I needed to follow said instincts, even when I didn’t necessarily like where they were leading me.

A Point of View Is a View from a Point

What would your life be like if you were born in a different city? A different state? A different country?

What would your life be like if you were born into a family that was rich? A family that was poor? A family that was homeless?

What would your life be like if you were born as a different gender? As a different race? As a different religion?

What would your life be like if you lived your entire life in a rainforest? In a desert? In a city?

What were your views on the world when you were just a baby? When you became a teenager? What are they now?

An abandoned theater room.

Are You "Derelict" In Your Blogging Duties?

Controversy abounded when the new policy was passed in my high school. Previously, teachers were merely encouraged to volunteer their time to put on after school programs and activities to help students get better grades, to help athletes perform better in their sports, and so on. The teachers who decided to participate, many of whom had families to return to, gladly helped out because of their love for what they did and derived a sense of joy out of helping out. The students benefited. The teachers benefitted. It was win-win.

And then came the policy.

Watching TV recursively - flickr - Yann!s

Don't Live Vicariously Through Others; Live Victoriously Through Yourself!

A friendly recently asked me how I was doing I immediately and enthusiastically rattled off the following highlights:

  • My wife was about to return to college a second time to pursue her true passion and calling—music.
  • My brother was starting up his second leg of his 10+ month journey through Central and South America.
  • My friend Ben was about to take a bold first step in launching his new company to follow his dream.

Why Not?

When that little voice inside your head tries to convince you that it can’t be done, IMMEDIATELY challenge yourself by asking why not?

Everything man made on this planet, from the aptly named Great Wall of China down to the smallest nanotechnologies, were initiated from a single thought in a human mind.

You Can Always Find a Way Around the Roadblocks of Life

The upperclassmen could always count on at least one freshman vomiting into a trash can on the first, brutal day of our 6 week conditioning period. 3+ mile warm up runs, 30 minutes of calisthenics, and then a myriad of stair sprints, hurdle hops, medicine ball tosses, fartleks, continuos relays, etc. I must say, having been both an athlete and coach, that it was much more enjoyable to be watching than slugging through each and every day… finishing up in the sport medicine facilities with ice packs and vitamin I (Ibuprofen) to prepare for the next onslaught.