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Mowing the lawn. A flickr photo by evilnick

Save a Buck or Make $10 Instead?

It’s simple math. Would you rather:

  • Spend an hour to save a dollar?
  • Spend that dollar and use that hour to make $10+ instead?

When put in these terms, the answer seems obvious. Yet some of us are so fearful to part with our hard earned dollars that we’d rather do all the work ourselves even if it ultimately hurts are bottom line.

Holding two Sorry! game cards.


I screamed “DO A GOOGLE SEARCH!” in a german accent while pounding my fist on the table. My wife and our friends Emily and Ben roared with laughter (of course you had to be there). We were playing Mad Gab, but not with any care of who won the game. Our goal was to have a great time with some friends. And by the my wife blurted out “Dead man walking!” in a british accent, we were all in tears from laughing so hard.

Fun was had; Mission accomplished.

Colosseum in Rome - Photo by Diliff

Losing Your Way

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it also didn’t collapse in a day. It suffered from the what Richard Maybury called ‘The Roman Disease.’ The once powerful nation slowly lost its way through corruption, debt, decadence, and a loss of the very focus and drive that built this once powerful nation.

The same can happen to us (queue scary music).

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What Did You Create Today?

Life is not meant to be shuffling papers. Yes, we all have chores and responsibilities that need to get done as part of the overhead of daily life, but the remaining hours are ours to create. Perhaps we make progress on an exciting project, or developing a new talent, or simply connecting with friends and loved ones. Projects, hobbies, and memories: these are all our creations.

Now for the hard questions I ask myself almost every night:

Wave crashing - flickr - garry61

The Power of Alignment

At room temperature, the average speed of a water molecule is approximately 1400 miles per hour. And yet, the ocean appears largely motionless.

After an earthquake, the average speed of a tidal wave is typically 500 miles per hour. And yet, it can take out nearly anything in its path.

So what’s more powerful: the speed of an individual component OR the speed by which the components move together?

Slide puzzle from http://mypuzzle.org/slide

Making Space

The goal of a slide puzzle is easy: simply rearrange the tiles into the proper order. Actually doing this is a bit more difficult because there is only a single space to move a tile into at a given time. To make matters worse, a lot of coordination is required. Sometimes you have to move a tile further away before you can move it into it’s intended spot. And finally, you’re probably not going to predict the shortest path to complete the task, and you may end up swirling over and over again.

Bunker Mode: A Weapon In the War of Art

Bunker Mode

People laugh when I tell them I need to ‘go into bunker mode.’ But as Steven Pressfield describes in the War of Art and Do the Work, there is a real battle going on. We have all hopes, dreams, and goals we wish to achieve, but our own internal resistances fight against us every step of the way and try to derail us. We may blame external circumstances, luck, fate, etc. But the true enemy, Steven declares, is resistance.

Rick's first birthday, smashing a cake in his face

Smash-a-Cake-in-Your-Face Happy

Allegedly, my mom had to pull the remaining bits of cake out of my hair, nose, and ears. I couldn’t help it! It was my first birthday and I was so excited that I simply rammed the cake into my face. I didn’t care what others thought. In my younger years, I was too busy being happy for no reason (just look at my smile!)