How Real-Time Feedback Can Greatly Improve Your Performance

Before I sustained an injury that required 6 screws in my left foot, I viewed biking merely as a convenient mode of transportation, particularly during the 10 years I lived in Boston because it was far more efficient and affordable than a car. However, the injury severely limited the number of physical activities I could participate in, namely swimming and biking.

Reflections on My First Year of Fatherhood

Rick and Evelyn

Thirty-one million five hundred and thirty six thousand seconds. As of April 7th, 2015 at 2:16am, that is the exact amount of time my daughter Evelyn has been alive on planet earth. Of course most people would use different units of measure (31,536,000 seconds = 365 days = 1 year), but I chose seconds to emphasize just how massive that amount of time should feel. And yet the time has figuratively flown by so quickly that I sit here in shock that her first birthday party has come and gone.

Overcoming Learned Helplessness

A properly trained adult elephant, despite weighing several tons, can be restrained with nothing more than a single rope. Why? The reality is they have more than enough strength to break free. However, they learned at an early age (when they were smaller and weaker) that they couldn't break free. And as an adult, they still hold onto this restrictive behavioral pattern versus embrace a new, more useful one. In short, these powerful creatures are now exhibiting learned helplessness.

Take Two (Or Three, Or Infinity)

As a writer, one of my biggest mental barriers is the fear of only getting one shot when tackling a particular topic or a theme. I don't know exactly when, where, or why this meme took hold in my psyche, but it's worse than writer's block. If I had to guess, it's probably due to the belief that everything on the web is permanent and I want to always put my best foot forward.

Reflecting on 30 Days Worth of Journal Entries

The recommendation to keep a personal journal is becoming fairly common in the self-help, personal development, and related communities. The beauty of this practice, as I've come to learn, is that it prompts one to focus and reflect on a particular segment of time. In today's fast-paced world, days, weeks, months, and even years can pass by so quickly that we might miss and/or forget some of those precious memories and moments that we created and wish to keep with us.

Finding Your Own Light

“What happens when you die?”

My friend Rob (a devout Christian) would constantly ask me this and a myriad other challenging questions about the afterlife and God in order to test my atheistic faith. I admired his tenacity, but I was somewhat of a child prodigy in mathematics and science growing up, so I could always logic my way into an irrefutable solution to keep him and the mild discomfort I felt from his questioning at bay.

Here were my goto replies:

My 3 Words for 2013

Courage, communication, and trust: I picked these words in 2012 because I wanted to “level up” in life, and each of these words represented a key component of my plan to make that happen. Courage was necessary to make the big, bold decisions. Communication was necessary to get the most impact out of my interactions with everyone. Trust was important because my gut instincts were usually right and I needed to follow said instincts, even when I didn’t necessarily like where they were leading me.