Power Dork Mode

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Power Dork Mode Defined: The ability to switch (mid sentence) from an otherwise normal human being to a super geek, often to the shock and bewilderment of all bystanders.

When people think of MIT, it conjures up the stereotypical images of a college full of nerdy computer programmers that haven’t seen the light of day in weeks. And to be fair, those people do exist (and God bless them and their dedication to their craft). However, most people visiting the campus are often surprised at how ‘normal’ most students appear outwardly. These student know pop culture, they play sports, they have lots of hobbies, and they appear to be like the students you’d meet at any other campus. That is until…

How Did You Get Here?

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Rick’s Rules #17a (in my owner’s manual (which is still being written)): pay attention when life brings you messages in threes, particularly when it’s an open ended question. The I-don’t-believe-in-coincidences part of me wishes to suggest that…
… you may just find a tiny trail… that leads to avenue __ that leads to a highway ===== that leads to your next big move in life.

Or, it may just give you a moment for self reflection!

My 3 Words for 2012

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I love goals. They give me targets to focus on, move towards, and (ultimately) achieve. And I agree with Jack Canfield that it’s EXTREMELY important to be very specific and clear in the wording… lest you set a goal so nebulous, lofty, or vague that one can’t objectively tell if you achieved it or not. Easy example: the goal of “losing weight” versus stating “I’ll weigh 201 pounds by March 1st 2012 at 6PM.”

Just 10 More Seconds: A Mantra for Goal Achievement

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I can't stand jogging. I find it to be the most boring form of exercise there is. I would much rather bike, swim, play soccer, do yoga, lift weights, or do just about anything but jogging. So imagine my delight to discover that we were required to do a 3 'warm up' jog before each practicing during my 4 years as a varsity track and field athlete at MIT. Even though I was primarily a jumper/sprinter, we all had the same slog jog each day.


Vacuuming for Great Ideas

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I do my worst thinking in front of a computer. There are too many distractions (twitter, facebook, google plus, IRC, email, internet, desktop files, open applications, jumping icons in the doc, velociraptors [just seeing if you’re still reading], and all the piles of paper creating a mini-castle around my monitor). What is a person to do in order to come up with some great ideas?

Answer: CHORES… lots and lots of chores.

Converting Comments Into Customers

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Are you a blogger? If so, why? Do you simply wish to share your knowledge? Are you passionate about a cause and simply want to spread awareness? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to find people of like mind to share ideas with?

Or did you tell your boss to F*&# off as you gave up the 9-5 grind for a chance at following your passion… turning it into a successful (and profitable) online business?

Writer's Block Tip: The 750 Word Rehearsal

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20,000 free throw shots. That’s approximately how many times each member of my team practiced that ONE shot during our varsity basketball season in high school. And even with that level of repetition, some of us would still freeze and/or choke during a big game when the pressure was on.

Now imagine this extreme scenario. You’ve only played basketball once in your life and were suddenly thrown into the final seconds of the final game in the NBA playoff. There is only 1 second on the clock, your team is down by 2, and you’re on the free throw line to tie things up. Your fans are screaming. The opposing fans are booing. The announcer is trying to pump up the crowd while 50,000 people are watching you live. Another two million people are watching you on the TV, watching your every movement. The ball is handed to you....

Do You Dread Emails?

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I don’t know when this started, but lately I’ve found myself holding my breath, tensing my shoulders, or cringing every time I see the little red alert appears on my apple mail application, notifying me that a another email just hit my inbox.

Questions immediately flood my mind. Is it good news? Did I just land a new contract for my company? Did I get some positive feedback from a reader? Or is it bad news? Did a server just crash? Do I need to drop everything right this second and go put out some fire/emergency/issue?