Same Words, Different Dictionaries

Black's Law and Urban Dictionaries

Based on a true relationship story.

Honey, you should check out this great book I just read.
Honey, you should watch out this funny video on the internet.
Honey, you should try this new item on the dinner menu. It's fabulous!

Question: Are these "shoulds" commands or suggestions?
Answer: It depends on your dictionary.

It's a funny story, but it carries an important message for every relationship.

Damned if I Niche, Concierge if I don't

Concierge at a Hotel

We all love an expert. When I broke my foot, was I going to go to someone who 'kinda' knew how to repair feet? When I was picking a school, did I want a school that 'sortof' focused on engineering? When I wanted to solve the scientific problem of how carbon nanotubes stuck together by quantum electrodyamic forces caused by differences in their optical properties, did I search and scour the globe for the first wikipedia article author that 'kinda' new what a van der Waals force was?

No. No. And 100% without a doubt NO!

The Four Agreements - Video Book Review

The Four Agreements - Video Book Review

It sounds so simple: be impeccable with your word, don't take things personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best. But we've been programmed by our parents, society, schools, media, and ourselves to do anything but! Still, there is no need to judge and beat ourselves up over it. But with awareness comes the choice. Do we continue to let these agreements stay in our psyche and harm us like a malicious computer virus? Or do we take a stand and make new agreements.

Are You Efficient or Frantic?

My Situation: dozens of hobbies, a shelf full of unread books, several great clients, a wonderful family, life responsibilities, chores, a need for 8 hours of sleep a night, etc. I'd love to do it all and yet still have time to enjoy a relaxed evening every night, having achieved every todo list item I can conceive.

It never happens. Ever!

Social Media is Old; The Platforms are New

The Sorcerer

I love an articulate contrarian, a person that can totally change the perspective of a conversation, making everyone (within listening distance) tilt their heads and say 'hmmm, you know I never thought of it like that.' Well it's been almost 3 weeks and I'm still thinking about the 'Social Media is 32,000 Years Old' post by Paul Flanigan. Yes, in an age with no electricity, no email, no mail, no telephones, and no buildings, the foundations of social media can be found painted upon the walls of the cave. The point is this, social media is not just technology. Social media is a combination of human interaction through media and the technologies which make it easier, faster, better to create, transmit, store, and share said interactions.

Make Me Think!

Ascending and Descending by M. C. Escher

It's no secret that content farms are overtly bloating the internet with vapid information. The cause? In my opinion, it's a combination of the high stakes game of getting onto page 1 of google coupled with essentially NO barrier to entry to create volumes of 'content' by outsourcing to penny-per-hour freelance writers in southeast Asia, India, and China. The truly creative content spammers take it one step further, writing perl scripts that harvest and shape-shift other people's content, cutting and smashing together disparate ideas and phrases, creating frankenstein sentences that any native speaker could identify as gibberish.

Nano Janitors

A [6,5,s] single wall carbon nanotube (top view)

"Would it be possible to make some nano janitors to clean out my lungs?"

Initially, I laughed at this brilliant, off-the-cuff question by my youngest brother Ryan. He's known for a long time that my PhD research centered around carbon nanotubes, which, when brought up in conversation, inevitably led to my endless lectures on how these amazing materials could change everything: devices that were already small (CPUs) could become incredibly small and reduce their power consumption by factors of 100x or more; drugs could be delivered through syringes almost too small for molecules to pass through them; and the truly sci-fi applications, nano-machines that could roam the world and our bodies while doing god knows what!

The Four Agreements - Day 48

Lessons Learned: I love being pleasantly surprised at how life lessons are delivered to me. When I began this journey, I tackled it like I would a series of affirmations: sticking to one component for 30+ days before moving onto the next. The goal was simple: do not take on too much and really internalize each part. It was a reasonable approach, but there were at least two flaws that I will share with you right now.