Green Leaves

Green Leaves

Green leaves upon the summer trees
gently waving summer breeze.
Tis a vibrant park outside the home,
a hundred vets, yet he's all alone.
Oh surely friends will wave and smile
though blind, they are, to the fear/denial.
Tis safer that it's kept this way,
for the bench is where he came to stay.
Every day at half passed one,
the healing warmth of Florida's sun.
All is well till his face droops down
to see the leaves his eyes have found.

Be Impeccable With Your Word: Day 15

Multiple Exposures: I was naive to think I was going to be able to embody The Four Agreements with mental focus alone. I simply am not disciplined enough! So after I realized I wasn't really making much progress on the first agreement, I decided to make it like a daily vitamin; taking a dose right before breakfast. You've probably guessed the punchline—it worked. By reading it first thing every single day, it really allowed me to set the stage a lot better. But more importantly were the memories that this stirred up in reviewing my previous day. Yes I'm now to the point where I can re-read the entire chapter for agreement 1 (being impeccable with one's word) in less than 10 minutes. And I even know where all the punch lines are, so there is no intellectual surprise. No, now the magic is not in the words but in my performance. And the text gives me tangible examples to compare myself to; not in a judgmental way, but more as a gentle reminder, learning from the wisdom of those who went down this path before me.



The empty cup with coffee stains
alludes to jittering within my brain.
Overnight travel with windows down
car speakers blasting punk rock sounds,
which angers homeowners as I pass

Sorry, We're Closed!

A store with a closed sign

It's very easy for us to get caught up in life's "Emergencies" to the point that we forget to take care of the important things. After all, the world is full of an endless array of distractions, all pulling for our ever diminishing time and attention. But if our attention gets lost among piles of todo lists and obligations, we can quickly find ourselves frantically moving, and yet getting no where. I find myself really liking Seth Godin's definition of busy-ness, where we mistakenly substitute action for progress. One can answer emails and phones all day long and yet not make any substantial move forward on the true goal at hand. We are lost in the trenches of the battle and unaware of what is happening beyond what we can see in this very moment.

The Magic of Believing - Video Book Review

The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol

If you have trouble setting goals and bring your ideas into reality, then you'll definitely want to check out The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. Matt Furey, a motivational speaker and a man of whom I hold a lot of respect, credited several of the techniques discussed in the book as having helped him on his way to winning a national title in wrestling. For me personally, learning the index card technique alone was worth the $6.99 I paid for the book.

Forget the Funk, Not the Fun

Rick and Emily Manelius photo

If there was an alcoholic's anonymous equivalent for obsessively success driven people, I would probably require a lifetime membership. To be fair to myself, I wasn't always that way. Growing up I was far more focused on varsity sports,video games, and going fishing with my brother at the local farms and along the side of the Mohawk River. It was a time where I allowed myself the time and space to play.

Be Impeccable With Your Word: Day 9

More Poison Being Spread Faster: An interesting post on the web today at Huffington Post entitled As Internet Use Grows, Is It Polarizing Political Views? It could be more aptly titled "As Internet Use Grows, More Poison Being Spread Faster?" Gossip is black magic, a poisonous use of our powerful words to create more illusions that have little or no basis in reality. It reminds me of a (probably fictional) story I heard a few years back about the negative power of gossip.

The Conehead

Discovering a lump on someone's body can be terrifying because of all the cancer horror stories one hears about anecdotally. We recently had such an experience with Linus, or 85 pound doggy, when it was revealed to us that he had a weird looking growth between his 4th and 5th digits on his right front paw. At first it looked benign, but it kept growing and looking more insidious each day. So my wife and I had it removed as soon as we could.

What If All Fences Had Doors?

Boundaries can be very useful. Example: when my wife and I moved into our new place, the fence in our backyard provided our Dog Linus with a great play area that didn't require constant supervision or the use of a leash. This gave me peace of mind, a break from having to take long walks, and the ability to just sit out and enjoy a book while he could entertain himself by chasing the birds and squirrels.