The Truth About a Ball of Yarn

Quick Question. How many dimensions does a ball of yarn have? If you answered 3, your wrong! Or right... depending on the context.

A ball of yarn at an arms length has a visible height, width, and depth. However at 100 yards away, it appears at a dot (0 dimensions). 100 miles away you can't even see it so the question of it's dimensionality is moot.

Coach Yourself First

I loved being a coach. There was something so rewarding at helping an athlete realize their true potential. I say realize because it was never fair or accurate to take credit for their success. It was always inherent within them to be excellent. My job (when I was doing it well), was to simply help them discover that which was already there. I also had a more subtle revelation that I want to share to you and to myself. That is, the best advice to myself I gave to others.

What If You Could Re-invent Yourself Today?

Change is not easy. Of course we'll never admit that because we generally associate change with small things like change of diet or change or clothing. But what about the really big changes that literally transform our lives? What about a change of career? A change in what state you live in? A change in your friends you've had for 20 years? A change in your attitude towards those countries/people/companies you do not like? Do you have the courage to change something that will require you to completely alter your life from this point forward?