ANMP 2019 Recap

Published on June 11th, 2019
Contact Mapping team at the booth, ANMP 2019

Last week, the Contact Mapping team flew to the ANMP event in Dallas with aspirations to make a massive impact at once of the largest annual conferences in Network Marketing. By every metric, we blew the doors down! I couldn't be more proud of the team and what we were able to accomplish. I wanted to share some of the highlights.

For those that aren't aware of Contact Mapping, our flagship product is the Contact Mapping app. Its primary goal is to help our users keep track of and prioritize one their most valuable asset: their personal and professional relationships. In network marketing, relationships are the lifeblood that allows each individual to grow and sustain their business. Our product can provide value to virtually any one of the 90 million people in this industry, and we have big ambitions to reach and help as many of them as we can.

Back to Dallas...

The beta version of our app debuted one year ago at the ANMP conference. At the time, the app was free, but it was still new, and the goal was to provide as many one-on-one demos in the hopes that people would try the beta and stick around. All told about 200 people participated in a demo.

This year we wanted to step the result in a much bigger way. Our big hairy goal was to demo to half the people at the 1,000 person conference and convert 300 our trial with a credit card on file. To do so would not be trivial given all the speaker sessions, other vendors, etc. To that end, we created an end to end strategy to provide swag and raffles for people that came through every step of the process: watching the demo, signing up for the trial, and even coming back and showing us they successfully used the app 10 days. That last piece was critical because studies have shown that to make a lasting impression, a person needs to have at least 5 touch points with a service.

The good news is that we were so overwhelmed with interest and activity that we had 4-7 people helping out at the booth starting from 8 AM in the morning until 8 to 10 PM at night. It was non stop demos, questions, sign-ups, and selfies! While we ultimately didn't hit our big hairy goal, 40% of the attendees watched a live, 2-minute demo and one our of every five attendees started a trial. That was HUGE. Everyone remarked at how much buzz there was at the booth. And the feedback since the event has been overwhelmingly positive.

At Contact Mapping, we still have a long way to go to reach our multi-year vision of being an industry standard, MUST HAVE app for anyone in the Network Marketing and Real Estate industries. However, ANMP 2019 was a significant step in the right direction towards achieving that vision.

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