April Fools (Every) Day

Published on April 1st, 2011
Slashdot April 1st Prank - OMG Ponies

Ahhh April Fools Day. That yearly tradition of hoaxes, pranks, joke, and other mischief. Even large companies, notoriously straight-edged for fear of causing a stir and offending customers, play along and sometimes go to extreme lengths for a good joke.

I love humor and think it is much needed. When done properly, it can be disarming and bring levity to a world full of so much seriousness. But at the risk of being a party pooper, I wish to take a more serious reflection on how every day is an April Fools Day. I feel that we're too confident in our ability to detect untruth. Especially in today's world of tweeters, bloggers, and citizen investigators, it is easy to fall into a trap in thinking that its too hard for corruption and nefarious acts to remain hidden without the world finding out. But it was only a few years ago that we discovered 50 billion dollar investment scams and about Tiger Wood's affairs with dozens of women. No, we're still just as easy to dupe today as we were a decade ago.

Lack of a Compass

Paraphrasing one of my favorite quotes from the Dr. Hawkins: "how many sailors died at sea for lack of a compass?" In his books and his programs he goes on to talk about mankind's inability to discern truth from falsehood. Entire populations can be duped into war, into believing certain historical facts which later turn out to be completely fallacious. Even our most reliable tools (polygraph tests) can be gamed by someone skilled in duping them.
Applied kinesiology or muscle testing is perhaps the best tool we've discovered in which we can answer yes or no questions and check whether we get a strong or weak response. But even that is limited based on the intention of the questionnaire and we clearly can't use it to pick the winning lotto numbers. Still, it is the closest thing that man has to ask questions we simply cannot use our reason and our logical to obtain, particularly when we are faced with a lack of information or (worse) information that is distorted intentionally.

My experience with AK has been a very positive one, but I'm still having to learn how to trust it even when I get an answer I don't necessarily agree with logically. And no, I've never won the lotto with it either. Still, it (combined with discernment) has been a great tool for me in this world where so much deception is around us constantly. As the bible says: beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. April fools is fun. Losing one's life savings to a scam artist with the deal of a lifetime is not so fun.


I do highly recommend the books by Dr. Hawkins (particularly the one entitled I: Subjectivity and Reality). That said, I never felt comfortable believing anything he necessarily says as I don't think anyone every does or ever will have a corner on the one and absolute truth. He never claims to be that, but I think we so wish to know everything that there can be a danger in accepting anyone's opinions or claims without testing them out for yourself. I personally disagree with some of historical perspectives, which seem to Americanized. But having said that, I've gained enormous insight in going through his materials. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about truth for its own sake.

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