Be Impeccable With Your Word: Day 15

Published on April 5th, 2011

This is part of an ongoing series of articles/posts detailing my experience with experiencing The Four Agreements. If the content below doesn't make any sense out of context, then be sure to check out the original post to better understand my goals and motivations for doing this.

Multiple Exposures

I was naive to think I was going to be able to embody The Four Agreements with mental focus alone. I simply am not disciplined enough! So after I realized I wasn't really making much progress on the first agreement, I decided to make it like a daily vitamin; taking a dose right before breakfast. You've probably guessed the punchline—it worked. By reading it first thing every single day, it really allowed me to set the stage a lot better. But more importantly were the memories that this stirred up in reviewing my previous day. Yes I'm now to the point where I can re-read the entire chapter for agreement 1 (being impeccable with one's word) in less than 10 minutes. And I even know where all the punch lines are, so there is no intellectual surprise. No, now the magic is not in the words but in my performance. And the text gives me tangible examples to compare myself to; not in a judgmental way, but more as a gentle reminder, learning from the wisdom of those who went down this path before me. 

A clear example is the story of loving mother who had a bad day and snapped at her daughter who was singing joyously, telling the child she had an ugly voice simply because it made her headache hurt more in that moment. In just a brief moment, we can say something that can crush someone for years. That is the power of our words, even when we are in a negative mood. In fact, that is when we need to be the most aware of what we are doing, as it's so easy to fly off the handle over nothing.

So multiple exposures has been a blessing. Yes I'm already strapped for time in my day. But this is important and worth making the appointment with myself to make progress on it. I hope you feel the same about your goals and dreams.

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