Be Impeccable With Your Word: Day 2

Published on March 23rd, 2011

This is part of an ongoing series of articles/posts detailing my experience with experiencing The Four Agreements. If the content below doesn't make any sense out of context, then be sure to check out the original post to better understand my goals and motivations for doing this.

Day 2

One of the ways I've used my words against myself is by my intentional and unintentional focus on 'worry words'; the thoughts that creep in to my psyche and replicate themselves until there is no space for words of truth and empowerment. Just this day I was having an amazing morning: very grounded, at peace, and really kicking butt. Then I had a panic moment when I noticed that something was due tomorrow instead of in a week. Immediately my brain went into a fit of haggling, worry, and etc. I immediately felt my energy drain out of my body and my head is a bit foggy.

Compare this to just last night when I was on cloud 9. I was careful with words spoken and also the words I chose to put my attention to. Certainly we cannot control our thoughts. After all, if that was as easy as a simple decision, we'd make all the negative ones stop right now and we'd be free of any restrictions. But alas, it is not the case. However we can choose what words and thoughts we focus on. In doing so, it provides almost a launching point for more thoughts of a similar type.

When I finally realized what I was doing, I shook off this vortex of worry and snapped myself out of it. But it was just a gentle reminder. Be impeccable with your words, particularly the ones that you repeat in your head. They are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

I'm looking forward to more focus today after having read the chapter again.

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