The Better Beliefs Bureau

Published on March 5th, 2011

I have a hard time believing that you would sit idly by if you knew a company was intentionally scamming you out of your time, money, and other resources. Yet we all let our fears, worries, doubts, and other conscious/unconscious beliefs to rob us daily of our happiness, creativity, and peace in life. What a paradox! Knowingly steal $200 from me and I'll have you arrested. Knowingly destroy my happiness for 2 years and I'll just drink my sorrows away because I believe something crazy like "I deserve it" or "I had it coming."

The Better Business Bureau was setup in order to bring greater transparency and trust into the marketplace by alerting people of fraudulent behavior (among other things). In doing so, companies acting without integrity would go out of business and everyone in the marketplace would benefit.

I say the time has come for a better beliefs bureau... where we bring greater transparency, trust, and happiness to ourselves by eliminating fraudulent beliefs. This idea came to me during a Matrix Energetics session where I was trying to get over some of my own mental hang ups, inhibitions, and other unhelpful memes that are embedded deep in my unconscious. But the idea of being able to call up and turn these in the the better beliefs bureau was a great one in that it was so easy to identify, detach, and let go of these ideas that no longer server me and where I want to go in life.

So do the same for yourself and stop letting fraudulent beliefs (most of which you learned when you were too young to know any better) continue to steal away from you. Turn them in so that you don't spend your energy on them anymore and they go out of business. And when those old memes are gone, replace them with a better belief... one that will bring about more joy and empowerment to your life!

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