Book Update

Published on August 14th, 2016

It's been a few months since I publicly announced my upcoming book. While there are plenty of things to button up prior to an official launch, there has also been forward progress the entire time. It's particularly gratifying to go back and read it with fresh eyes only to get re-inspired by this project and the impact that it could have on the world.

Since the last update, I've sent a sample of the book to a cross section of people that I know in order to solicit feedback to ensure that I'm on the right path. There was definitely some constructive criticism, which I appreciate because it is challenging me to make it even better. However, a majority of the feedback was positive and I even had a person ask if they could start distributing it!

Of course, I know that writing didn't come naturally to me. Since elementary school, I have had plenty of teachers comment on that fact that spelling and grammar were not my strongest skills. So in order to make sure that I put my very best foot forward, I splurged and got an editor to not only double-check my mechanics but to do a deep dive and give a thorough critique. I'm expecting quite a bit of red when I get the manuscript back, but if it results in a bigger impact, I'm all for it.

Next Steps

I'm not 100% certain I'll meet my aggressive deadline of October 1st. While I have chosen to self-publish the book (and thereby avoiding the massive time sink of finding the right publisher and applying any changes they required), there is still quite a bit to do. Once I fully review the edits from my editor, I will be creating exercises and supplemental materials for those wanting to go deeper. I also need to finalize the title, get a book cover, and then (finally) start the long slog of getting the book formatted for both print and ebook editions.

This has been an exciting journey. It remains to be seen what will come from all this effort, but I know that it has already had a profound impact on me.

Now I just need to deliver on my ambitious goal of reaching a million people. It's only impossible until it's not, and if you can help me achieve that end, I will be eternally grateful.

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