Failing in Public

Published on August 26th, 2019

Nobody wants their mistakes to be on public display. This is why the default strategy is to practice in private before performing in public.

However, not everything works this way.

Comedians can rehearse a joke a hundred times in front of a mirror, but it only comes alive when to exposed to a live audience.

An executive can read a dozen books on leadership, but the real test is making a bold and difficult decision in a meeting or in the media.

A captain can try and inspire their teammates through words, but only when she takes calculated risks on the field will others feel safe making similar attempts.

Failing in public can be hard, yet it can be essential for our personal and professional growth. Writing and public speaking has become my arena, but I've also been playing it safe. The question becomes, can I take the necessary steps forward to evolve my inner excellence? Or does the risk still feel too high? Only time will tell.

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