Feel Good: A Symbol That Lives On

Published on March 27th, 2011
Feel Good Logo

Several years ago, my brother had a vision to create a clothing company based on feeling good: both in terms of the fabric (more breathable than cotton) and an attitude (focus on the good in life). While the business itself never took off due some business management trip ups, people LOVED the logo. In the last 10 years, I think only my wife has ever noticed and commented on the shirts I've worn. Yet feel good shirts? Strangers in planes, clerks at best buy, an inventory person at Barnes and Noble, people on the street—all types of people have at least found it interesting or cool enough to warrant a mention.

A Magnetic Symbol

People were just drawn to it, even if they had no idea what the letters represented. It's like they unconsciously picked up on the symbolism intended and imbued within by the creators. It was awesome. It was, and is, my favorite shirt, which is starting to deteriorate from constantly wearing it.

Living On

Although I have no intention of resurrecting the company (yet), I want the symbol to live on. If it resonates with you, maybe you should download a copy too. Put it up on the wall and see what people think. I bet some will psyche into the morphic field.

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