Hanging Up the Shoes for the Last Time

Published on March 3rd, 2016

It's been 7 years since I've worn a pair of track and field sprint spikes. This was not a conscious choice, but rather a literal breakup as a result of a ruptured Lisfranc joint that required the use of crutches for over 9 months as it fully healed after surgery. While painful at the time, I am semi-grateful for the experience as it forced me to move onto other things, such as my love of cycling up and around the mountains of Colorado.

This is one of the many transition points in my life, one in which there was no turning back. High school graduation, college graduation, injuries, new friendships, lost friendships, career changes, marriage, parenthood, etc. In each scenario, one door closes forever, but finally allows us to explore new paths and opportunities that were outside of our reach.

This week was another turning point in my life for the better. During my career in web development, I started off as a site builder. Then I became a developer. Then a business analyst. Then a technical project architect. Then a director of operations. With each new set of responsibilities, old ones had to be shed. With each new transition, new relationships were formed and others had to change. Like the transition from an athlete to a coach, I could no longer score points on the field. Now, the best use of my time is to put my heart and soul into my team.

This week I finally allowed myself to transition into the position of COO of newmedia. It required letting go of the past and facing up to the fact that I have to cede control regarding my old responsibilities so that others may have the same opportunity to grow and flourish. And it requires me to fully focus on the path ahead of me.

I have a few more responsiblities to offload, but I'm counting down the days that I hang up another pair of shoes for the last time, so that I can embrace the next stage of life awaiting me.

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