How Will You Show Up?

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 06:25

"Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody has a case of the 'Mondays'" — Office Space, 1999

Dread, worry, anxiety: these are just a few of the emotions that most people experience as the alarm goes off on Monday morning, signalling the end of the weekend and the start of getting back to "the grind." Most of the time this negative emotional state lingers around like a dark cloud with the only glimmers of light piercing through is hope that it'll all be over soon. The hope that we'll "get through it" so we can get back to the weekend.

Fuck the 'Mondays' meme.

Yes, most of us do wake up to the reality that we have 5+ days and 40+ hours staring us in the face. However, how we choose to show up (and it is a choice) makes a world of difference in the mental and emotional states we'll experience and the results that we'll get. We can choose to dwell on the mistakes of the previous week and dread that it will be more of the same. Or we can choose to focus on what went well and how we can carry that momentum forward to make additional improvements. We can show up prepared for the daily battles, or we can show up with the expectation that there may be another way.

Yes there is going to be challenges and no you can't just blindly ignore that shit will happen. However, how you show up and how you respond to those circumstances is up to you. And if you choose a more useful, more powerful response, you will inenvitably have a much more enjoyable experience. And who knows, you may actually start to look forward to each Monday as the start of 5+ days and 40+ hours of possibility versus pain.

FWIW. I started writing this at 6 AM on a Monday. I'm on a bus going to work and it's still pitch black out with a full moon on the horizon. I've been up since 4:35 AM so that I had enough time to get in my morning routine (exercise, visualization, breakfast, etc) so that I can hit the ground running and setup my week for success. I'm one of those crazy people that can actually leap out of bed when the alarm goes off (and I wans't always this way), so that I can get the ball rolling. And while I very much enjoy my weekends where I can spend time with my wife and daughter, I also very much enjoy the ability to work with my team to make an impact in the world.

That's how I showed up today. That's how I plan on showing up tomorrow. How will you show up?

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