Money is Like Dynamite

Published on June 23rd, 2019

With dynamite, you can:

  1. Hurt Yourself
  2. Hurt Others
  3. Achieve a Goal

The inventor of dynamite intended for it to be a tool for good. When combined with the right expertise and focus, dynamite could carve roads through lands that were otherwise impossible to traverse. Consider the intense effort that Dashrath Manjhi spent over 22 years carving a road through a mountain. Imagine how much faster and easier this process could have been if he had a team of experienced detonation experts? It probably could have been opened in a few months.

Of course, in the wrong hands, dynamite could be used as a weapon. One stick planted near an enemy could kill dozens of people and even spark a battle or a war.

And dynamite in inexperienced hands could result in self-destruction. If stored or handled in the wrong way, it could accidentally detonate. I had this experience growing up with a firecracker going off in my right ear. Thankfully, I only lost hearing in my right ear for a few minutes. Had I had a more powerful device, I might have lost a hand.

Like dynamite, money is a tool. It can provide the necessary resource for us to accelerate our progress towards a goal. It can also be wielded as a weapon to hurt others. It can also be self-destructive if we don't fully respect its power and use it in the right ways. What matters most is our education, experience, and intent. Master all three, and we have the best chance of achieving money's most productive and positive outcomes.

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