My 11/11 Wish: Making an Impact

Published on October 18th, 2016
A dandelion with the text "My 11/11 wish... to make an impact."

"It's 11:11 AM, make a wish!" Regardless of your feelings or beliefs on metaphysics or numerology, it's nice to have an excuse to take a moment, to step back from the normal day to day, and to say a prayer or set an intention. When my wife prompts me, I usually close my eyes for a second just so that I at least get a quick visual as I make the wish.

Earlier this year, I publicly declared that I would publish a book before I died. And not just any book, but one that would comprise of any and all wisdom to pass down to my daughter should anything happen to me before I see her blossom into the whatever person she decides to be. If the book does nothing but that, it will have been worth the hundreds of hours of time and emotional/mental energy that went into producing it. It's so cliche, but I truly believe that if I change just one life, I will have made a tremendous difference in this world. I know this because I've seen the transformation in myself and the impact that it's had on those around me.

That all said I want to set my sights a little higher. Actually, a lot higher. The book is but one small yet important step in the next 65 years of my life. It is my hope that in publishing and promoting this body of work that I get to meet and connect with many, many others that are seeking answers on how to change their lives. I was that seeker. I'm still that seeker. And it's my hope that I can help thousands (millions?) of others that are active on their journey.

My book goes live on the kindle on November 11th (11/11). On this day, I will do more than just say a prayer. I will start doing everything in my power to see this wish turn into a reality in this lifetime.

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