One Day You Wake Up and Want to Change The World

Published on March 2nd, 2016
Satellite photo of the Earth lit up at night.

Ever have a lucid dream? I have. It was an incredible experience when I realized that I was able to take over in the director's chair of this fantasy world stage. I remember thinking "wouldn't it be cool to fly" and then doing it, soaring over a body of water and feeling complete and total exhiliration down to my bones. My entire being was celebrating. It was trippy, like many dreams. But this one was special. This one I made a choice.

Ever have a similar experience in this experience we call reality? Days, months, and years can blink in a trance like state. Like a dream, everything seems normal because those are the parameters that we're now accustomed to. Then something happens: a thought, an experience, a memory, something... something causes a shift and the rules change. Or the rules seem more like suggestions instead of laws of the universe.

In those moments we gain two things: awareness and choice. We become aware that there is a different perspective, rules, and options. We gain the ability to choose because now we know we can now act on these differences.

One day you'll wake up from your day-to-day daydream and decide you want to change the world. It may be large in scope (e.g. save the planet). It may be large in the scope from the perspective of someone else (e.g. make a difference in the life of one person, one animal, one organization, etc). No matter what the goal, you will find it difficult to return to your original perspective. Once you realize the rules have changed, it's nearly impossible to unsee. Once you wake up in a dream, it's up to you to choose whether you fly or if you allow the dream state to take over again.

One day you'll wake up and want to change the world. Maybe it's the result of a having a child, losing a loved one, hearing an impassioned plea from a stranger, or reading a really good book. Whatever it is, go with it. If it was powerful enough to fuel your spirit, then it's a worthy pursuit.

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