The Pity Party Greatest Hits

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 05:54
A jigsaw puzzle showing tears as puzzle pieces

I threw a huge pity party for myself last week. It was awesome awful. I let these debilitating thoughts play in my head over and over again until I made myself sick and puked. It was like a college party without the fun of the buzz.

Then I changed my attitude and (surprise) everything got better. Instead of worrying about all the todo’s on my plate, I simply sat down and knocked them out (and ahead of schedule). Problem solved.

Are you throwing yourself a pity party? Let’s revisit some of the greatest hits:

Track 1: I Don’t Know The Answer

Self-doubt is so wasteful. When I write code, I often find myself looking up the same information over and over again instead of trusting my hunches and my memory. 95% of the time, I was right. But that little voice, that little seed of doubt forces me to second guess myself. But I already knew the answer!

Track 7: I’m Not Good Enough

Another lie in 99% of the situations. Good enough for what? Sure, most of us are not good enough to win the Olympics. But what about being: a good husband, a successful business man, a good friend, etc. These are all within our reach, if one just makes it a priority.

Bonus Track: I Don’t Know What to Do

I have so many books that I have trouble storing them all. And yet, I still have a large wishlist on Why? Because that little voice in my head tells me that I still don’t know the absolute best possible solution to my exact question. But the answers I do have are good enough, if I actually did something with them…

You Know What to Do

Chris Brogan hit a home run with this article. Read it until you can commit it to memory. The truth is: we do know the answer. The truth is: we are good enough. The truth is: we do know what to do.

The key is the last word—’do.’

A great first step is to simply turn off the pity party music and tune into a different station. And when you catch yourself changing the station, just tune back into the truth.

What station are you tuning into? Is it helpful? If not, you know what to do…

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