Poetry and Partial Posts: Part 2

Published on January 7th, 2019
It’s been said that the medium is the message. 
Many interpretations have been made, 
but effectively what the coiner conveyed
is that the carrier of information influences
what is said and how it’s heard
along with choices of each and every word
Additionally, I say
that the format is the freedom
based on cultures whims and norms
to give us substrates for the form that’s born
Shall we use but little flits and glitters?
Dream like glimpses or thoughts on Twitter?
Or shall we use a Disciples verse?
Each line as dense as the universe?
Articles, memes, podcast, ho!
Each has different freedom, flow
My preference is to rest my case
Using long-form to explore the space
Of answers, solutions, minima, noise
A thorough review of a matrix
Of all potential thoughts and implications
Premises and conclusions
A thesis in 2,000 words
But then there is poetry
Less stress, more mess
More for the reader to digest
What’s that?
What if?
A choose your own ending
Or no ending at all
Oh I attempt to keep all ideas from dying
While giving them their due
But I find myself a prison guard
Keeping them behind bars until
My ego feels safe enough
To allow a partial thought out on bail
hidden in the format of poetry
hoping that it doesn’t commit a felony
hoping that it doesn’t reflect poorly on me
for serving half cooked chicken
or something that tastes like chicken
indistinguishable from all else
Alas, I can bear it no longer
Ideas held behind bars
rather than shared like snow globes
shaken up and experienced by others
bringing their own perspective
shade and light from their past partials
hidden, unborn from others

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