Quotes on the Bathroom Toilet

Published on March 13th, 2017
Quote written on the pavement.

Here's an easy life hack that I discovered while I was a graduate resident advisor at my Fraternity at MIT.

  1. Whenever you stumble across a quote that is inspirational, motivational, or thought-provoking, make a point to save it in a place that you can quickly access.
  2. Every Sunday, review this collection and pull out the first one that jumps out at you. 3. Print it out the selected quote and tape it to the top of your toilet bowl tank (if you're a man) or on the wall across from the toilet seat (if you're a woman).

Why is this so effective? If you have a small bladder like me, you're going to the bathroom 5 to 15 times a day. With a quote directly in your line of sight, this gives you several opportunities to reflect on the quote you've chosen while you don't really have anything better to do! In my experience, keeping the same quote up for an entire week is about the right amount of time to start internalizing the message without it staying up for so long that you start to ignore it. And since it takes almost no time to print or write down on an index card, you can swap them out as soon as the current quote or affirmation has run its course.

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