Respond Like a Punching Bag

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 06:41
Punching bag getting hit.

When people use the metaphor of "being a punching bag", the focus is usually on quantity and intensity of the attacks being inflicted. What's often overlooked is that, in spite of these attacks, the bag's rugged and flexible nature allows it to absorb the blows before returning to its original position, appearing largely unphased and exhibiting minimal long term effects.

While we can not control the external world and the things that happen to us in life, we all have the ability to choose how we react to it. This includes our choice to maintain our internal composure and integrity. Do we become rigid like glass? Or do we allow ourselves to be a little more flexible in how we respond to these external circumstances?

While it's not recommended that we actively seek to be a punching bag, we can benefit by learning how to respond like one.

Sidenote: this is not to say to not take action if life is throwing punches your way. However, you will have more options on how you can react if you have already developed a high degree of resiliency towards what life throws at you.

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