Sometimes It's Just for Me

Published on November 26th, 2020

I love writing (to publish externally) and journaling (to keep private). However, things don't always fall neatly in one bucket. I just finished writing something I had every intention of sharing, but then something in me felt resistance. It was a moment of reflection just for me. And while I'm certain others would find it valuable, nobody else would feel the lesson as deeply as me.

I still benefitted by writing it and processing an experience of my life, but that's where the value probably ended.

As someone that has become a bit of an open book the past decade, I sometimes don't find these boundaries so clearly demarcated. Life is messy, and the line between what makes sense to be public and private about can be blurry.

That all said. I still have so much to share along my journey with the hopes that my experiences may speak to something inside of you. But not this time.

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