But They'll Think I'm Crazy

Published on August 4th, 2020

A hard fact of life is that people will hear what you're about to do and think that you're fucking nuts.

  • Why'd you move to another state?
  • Why'd you quit your secure job to start your business?
  • Why did you go to college versus get a job?
  • Why did you get a job versus go to college?
  • Why did you marry him or her?
  • Why did you break up?
  • Why did you have kids?
  • Why did you decide not to have kids?

And on and on and on.

But people don't know your history. They don't see what you see. They don't live in your head and in your heart. To the outside looking in, these big decisions can look rash or confusing. But how could it make sense without all the facts?

I recently moved to Oklahoma, and literally, nobody I knew would have guessed the state I was moving to. I've had several people prod trying to find the reason. Even when I tell them, not everyone gets it. It seems rash. It seems crazy. But that's just the thing—sometimes you have to take the big leaps, and not everyone will support or understand you. That's ok. They'll think you're crazy, but it might be the sanest and most important action you ever take.

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