What If All Fences Had Doors?

Published on March 28th, 2011

Boundaries can be very useful. Example: when my wife and I moved into our new place, the fence in our backyard provided our Dog Linus with a great play area that didn't require constant supervision or the use of a leash. This gave me peace of mind, a break from having to take long walks, and the ability to just sit out and enjoy a book while he could entertain himself by chasing the birds and squirrels.

Boundaries can also be confining. Example: we have some very nice new neighbors with very playful dogs. Linus gets excited to see them and they play chase as best they can given the barrier between them. We've already been over several times so the dogs could visit. But without a door between our two yards, its a bit of an ordeal. With a door, we could simply leave it open to let the dogs visit on their own accord without the need to get the parents involved and supervising.

The devil's advocate can play both sides well. We all like things that are ours and ours aloneā€”so we can prevent those imposing themselves in our space. But sometimes that protection and prevent us from having a good time and making some new friends.

What if all fences had doors, so we could pick and choose our boundaries?

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