The Winds May Not Be in Your Favor... Go Anyway

Published on December 12th, 2016
Sailboat in windy conditions.

Before Evelyn was born, countless parents would give me and Emily the sage advice that there was never a "right" time to have a kid.... and it's true. Yes, it is fantastic to have a plan and prepare as best you can, but no amount of planning and preparing will save you from the inevitable challenges that come up along the way. At some point, you just gotta take a leap of faith.

Yes, life is easiest when the wind is at our back and we flow effortlessly to our destination. However, just like a sailboat, we have the ability to harness and work with the wind. And sometimes the weather changes mid-flight, making the road easier or more difficult at a moment's notice. As long you adapt to the changing conditions, you can still make forward progress (or at least mitigate losing ground).

The winds... they may never be in your favor. But if the destination is compelling enough, you'll find a way. Go anyway....

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