"You're My Little Treasure"

Friday, March 30, 2018 - 17:35

Before your ear drums discerned
sounds into syllables,
I would whisper
a wind current as close as I could.
Then gently plant a seed with a kiss
light bulbs in the lobes
drifting downward down canals
a message that yearns to grow
“Your My Little Treasure”

One day you returned the gift when
(with an eye twinkle and a gentle smirk)
you launched your head back
announcing triumphantly
“Iiiiii AM TREVOR!”

Literal, it was never meant to be
and the incantations intent was not for me
It was a powerful reminder of a simple truth
and a thank you for that time, when
your eternal spirit decided then
to join this game, this life, this earth
with us since your Boulder birth.

Great great gratitude you chose us
your parents
to be your students
and that we
(while cramming for the daily exams of parenthood)
have and will always choose you back.

Still, Spirit never ceases to surprise
how the sunburst blue of your eyes
can summon tears of joy and pride
it’s not they that capture, no
they radiates rays of light
bringing brightness to our lives.

Someday you may be self conscious
of the thousand and one #dadjokes
that I created and probably still retell
as a sanity salve during story time
your voracious hunger for books
made me feel like a jerk
for feeling bored re-reading
(each time, with all the gusto I could muster)

And then there are the spontaneous songs
tone deaf gibberish and adhoc beats
I’ve made up as a means of convincing you
of your impending bed time
and how truly, truly,
TRULY exciting it would be
(even though you knew better).
For the record your favorite record
“Everybody Sleep Now”
A Jock Jams riff off rip off
while dancing together on my shoulders
one of my all time favorite memories
as I could feel every wiggle, every giggle
of a tiny body
of an expansive soul
celebrating our time together
knowing our time was coming to a close
for that night, but also
in this fast and fleeting ride we call life.
I’m also not ready for bed time either
my sweet, sweet baby girl.

Your paparazzi parents
born in analog childhoods
now living as digital age adults
took no less than 4,000 photos
before the age of 4
And while you have so much life to live
(I envy that you will see the year 2100)
we find ourselves, busily documenting
looking forward
making memories
as we find ourselves, secretly scrolling
looking backward
replaying memories
How else does one experience
the totality of you?
The present moment is both infinite and restricting.

You are my little treasure
because every day is a gift
every day is a reminder
that we love each other.
Even while rocking you,
I take great joy in feeling
your breath against my shoulder
in watching you grow tall and older
running wild and leaping boulders
I take great joy in feeling
our heart beats touch and chatter
reminds us its us that matters
to remind us to live life fully
And that all of life’s distraction
When the love bubble
with me, you, and momma
is fully vibrant and intact

I leave you, my Ev, with this final scene
of my favorite, video-yo!
Whenever we enter the park
we start as people
and take off as airplanes.
Our spirits sprinting faster
than our human legs could ever go
the world becomes our stage
where inhibition is replaced by
unconditional presence
joy of the moment
of just being alive
with you
the freedom to feel
the wind we generate
as we glide into the beauty in front of you
at full bore and with no fear
no worry
just being.
In those moments I have you to thank
for being my daughter and yet my teacher
for helping me understand
a aspect of love I never knew
until you, dear spirit
chose to descend from stars
in order to ascend in skies.

You are our little treasure because
your life is a gift
it always is
it always was
even before your beautiful ears
could discern syllables from sounds.

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