Are You Liberal, or Stingy With Your Google +1s?

Google +1 icon

Google suggests +1’ing as shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” So my question to you: are you liberal or stingy with your +1’s? Do you make each and everyone count, as if it was a personal recommendation or endorsement? Or do you litter the web with +1’s for anything better than average?

Before you answer: here is one final consideration. You can view all your +1’s in your profile. Someday, google may allow you to make this entire list public. Do you want this to be a curated list or a laundry list?

Google Targeting Low Quality Sites

In an effort to game google, content farms popped up as a way of churning out tons of quick and dirty posts in an attempt to fool google into giving it a higher page rank. Now google has struck back and is placing a stronger emphasis on content quality versus brute force quantity and timeliness. It's a game changer, and the worldwide web has yet to adapt as I'm still finding tons of new blog posts that look like they were generated by a computer versus a human.

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