Santa Claus Moments

Father Christmas confirms that he is real.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was almost 10 years old before I learned that Santa Claus wasn't real. Have you ever noticed that there are certain moments in life where your entire world view gets flipped upside down? Depending upon the intensity level of these situations and the meaning we attach to them, they can have a major impact on our mental and emotional states, which can be quite fragile during our childhood and adolescent years. In severe cases, it is not uncommon for our unconscious mind to do one of two things: either block the memory outright OR remember it vividly and replay it over and over again.

Things I Once Believed

Santa Mug Shot - kevindooley - flickr

“Who’s your daddy?” While often used as a schoolyard taunt, it’s actually legitimate question of illegitimacy. After all, a university study concluded that up to 1 in 25 fathers are unknowingly raising another man’s child.

I love my mom, but my world flipped upside down when I learned my dad was one of those 4%. It was even more bizarre because I was good friends with my half-sister and half-brother and saw my biological dad on a regular basis. I was too blind, too naive, and too trusting to ever think anything different.

Lawns, Laws, and Deserts

Grass and Desert Juxtaposition

Scenario 1: A homeowner in an gated community in Arizona forgets to turn their sprinklers on before going on vacation for a week. They return to a scorched lawn and a home owners association (HOA) fine for $50 tacked to their front door. The offense: not keeping their lawn beautifully green.

Scenario 2: A member of a african village in or around the Sahara desert gets the novel idea to plant some beautiful bushes outside of their sleeping quarters. He returns one day to angry villagers cursing his name and threatening to uproot his bushes. The offense: wasting precious water on a non-essential decoration.

Same Words, Different Dictionaries

Black's Law and Urban Dictionaries

Based on a true relationship story.

Honey, you should check out this great book I just read.
Honey, you should watch out this funny video on the internet.
Honey, you should try this new item on the dinner menu. It's fabulous!

Question: Are these "shoulds" commands or suggestions?
Answer: It depends on your dictionary.

It's a funny story, but it carries an important message for every relationship.

How Far Green Car?

A car that is green with grass.

Quick question: I lift a green car up off the ground 5 feet (I've been working out and have Hulk-like strength apparently) and then drop it to the ground...  how far did the car move? If you answered 5 feet, you're wrong... or right, depending on the context. In the 0.55 seconds it took to see it move 5 feet in our frame of reference, the earth was moving at 67,000 miles per hour around the sun. So from the sun's perspective the ball moved approximately 53,800 feet as well. This of course ignores the additional effects of the earths rotation and elliptical orbit, but you get the general ide

The Better Beliefs Bureau

I have a hard time believing that you would sit idly by if you knew a company was intentionally scamming you out of your time, money, and other resources. Yet we all let our fears, worries, doubts, and other conscious/unconscious beliefs to rob us daily of our happiness, creativity, and peace in life. What a paradox! Knowingly steal $200 from me and I'll have you arrested. Knowingly destroy my happiness for 2 years and I'll just drink my sorrows away because I believe something crazy like "I deserve it" or "I had it coming."

The Truth About a Ball of Yarn

Quick Question. How many dimensions does a ball of yarn have? If you answered 3, your wrong! Or right... depending on the context.

A ball of yarn at an arms length has a visible height, width, and depth. However at 100 yards away, it appears at a dot (0 dimensions). 100 miles away you can't even see it so the question of it's dimensionality is moot.