My life's mission: to explore, to master, to share, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Beyond that, you may have stumbled upon my profile for a variety of reasons. To assist, here's a potential list:

  • Contact Mapping CTO / Co-founder: Helping people expand their network and develop deeper connections.
  • MIT, PhD: Van der Walls forces meets carbon nanotubes meets quantum mechanics.
  • Author: Wrote "Winning the Lottery Within" to highlight how we co-create our stories, our lives.
  • Drupalista: A decade of experience within and contribution to a fantastic open source community.
  • PCI Compliance: Wrote a heavily cited white paper on credit card security for eCommerce.
  • Advisor: Serve as a sounding board to several colleagues starting their entrepreneurial journeys.
  • Blockchain: I'm actively researching this space, particularly persistent identity access and control.
  • Coach: Experiences range from sports to creating & running professional development trainings.
  • Writer: Spanning personal blogging to print publications (magazine and newspaper).
  • Cyclists: Active enthusiast in the Colorado region. Find and follow me on Strava!

About this Blog

I have 3 goals for this blog:

  • Share my perspective on a diverse set of topics.
  • Create meaningful, ongoing relationships with readers like you.
  • Practice and hone my craft and my voice.

Achieving items 1 and 2 together may prove an impossible task because no single audience will like everything I post. Sometimes I’ll go into a power dork mode, explaining neat Drupal code in excruciating detail. Other days I may write a poem about a beautifully obscure moment I dreamed up. Still, I hope to always have some universally useful insights sprinkled throughout; things you’ll find useful and/or interesting. Even if you find yourself reflecting on a post (or phrase) a month later, I’d consider that a big success.


While I consider myself a seeker of truth(s), I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m only interested in empowering truths. Yes, evil exists in this world and there is a long record of who did what. I come from the standpoint that the only way out is an evolution of our consciousness, not a meticulous play by play transcript, more fighting, and the never-ending spiral of negativity. This is not to say there is anything wrong with that. I’ve just grown tired of being caught up in that paradigm and believe there is a more useful way out.

In short, if it’s not an empowering truth, I may find it interesting, but will leave the sharing and distillation to other websites. And if this is obscure to you, kindly ignore this passage.

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I’m constantly exploring life. Just when I think I have everything figured out, surprise! Everything can change in the blink of an eye: beliefs, opinions, desires, etc. Knowing this, writing on the internet can be difficult because everything can be archived, indexed, and found years afterward. Are we to be held to our beliefs of a decade ago? If so, we confine ourselves and our own personal evolution.

So I do not claim to be right about everything or anything. If there is one thing I’ve learned is that truth is a very subjective thing, and our perspective can shift in the blink of an eye. So whatever I say or share is the best that I know of at the time and nothing more. You’ve been warned!